Math…help or hindrance?

Those omath-clip-artf us who work with children know that it’s not about the numbers.  It’s never been about the numbers.  Reaching one child or 50, we are incredibly blessed to be making disciples.

Sometimes, though, we need to do a little math and look at the numbers.

Doing a little math once or twice a year can tell you whether or not your ministry  is healthy.  Try this:  Take your church’s average worship attendance and multiply by 10%.  The number you get is the fewest number kids you should have to be healthy.   In the same manner, multiply avg. church attendance by 20% and you’ll get the maximum number you can expect to serve.

Of course, these numbers are just a starting point.  If your program falls below the healthy number, don’t get stuck there.  Evaluate and “tweak” your programs to see if you can effectively reach more children.  If you are at the top number….hooray!   Use this “ceiling” as an opportunity to go deeper with the things you’re offering until the church attendance grows.


Relevant Children’s Ministry Blog

mlpeHere’s the latest from Relevant Children’s Ministry blogger, Dale Hudson.  He blogs daily about current trends, kid research, and lots of other “stuff” for those in children’s ministry.  Dale is not Methodist, but he knows children’s ministry…so keep your Wesleyan reading glasses on and follow his daily blog. +Millennial Parents


Can’t Stop the Feelin’

So, the Louisiana Children’s Ministry Network is now, officially, a thing!   Those of us ministering to families with children are no longer “alone.”  We have begun to resource each other, problem solve together, and encourage each other.  We are a TEAM.

Thank you all for giving this Network thing a try!   Please spread the word to those in your hometowns who might not have been able to join us.

We’re all set!

img_2151   img_2149   It’s happening!  We’re all set to treat our Lab Techs with style.  Lots of fun things planned, so come ready to enjoy yourself!   It’s a conference, yes, but it’s also going to be an experience!

Stop your whining…

emoji742So, as the date for the Learning Lab got closer, my whining about all that needed to happen got louder and more frequent.

Then, she called.  A children’s ministry volunteer who works FOUR jobs and serves as the VOLUNTEER coordinator for all things children at her church.  FOUR JOBS.  She told me that she was able to get Friday afternoon off so that she could attend our “newbie night.”  She also told me that she tried but couldn’t get Saturday off.   She was worried she’d miss out on things she needed to serve the children better.

Humbled beyond belief, I no longer whine or worry about this Lab thing.  I’m grateful that God works through whiners and workers!  No matter what happens this weekend, I will forever be grateful for my attitude adjustment.

Join me in praying for all of those who minister to families with children.


Breakfast is Served…

1x-1Learning Lab participants, you are invited to a free (and tasty) breakfast on Saturday, February 18th between 8:30-9:30 a.m. in the Spiritwind Worship Center.  Check-in is from 9:00-9:30 a.m. so come hungry!

Lab Swag + Resource Swap

swagMouse pads and lanyards are in!  More swag should be arriving shortly!  Lots of goodies for those attending the Learning Lab!  Don’t forget to bring any  resources you’d like to share.  There will be opportunities to swap curriculum and materials and a “best practices” area to exchange ideas and ministry tools.   Click here to register for the Learning Lab!


Irresistible Sunday School?


Want to attract the most kids with the best ideas for Sunday school?

Learning Lab’s Irresistible Sunday school session will walk you through (step-by-step) ways to build an irresistible Sunday school program—one where lessons stick with kids long after they’ve gone home.

Most of us have launched programs that failed. Failure saps creativity and can increase burn out rates.  This workshop will provide tools and strategies to children’s ministry workers to help make Sunday school spiritually formative and irresistible!

Breathe In…Chill Out

Most everyday challenges in life can be alleviated by mindfulness — tuning into the present moment and learning to pay attention to our experiences. c5aa2f433f3c60dfda4f362dbf8c99b8Mindfulness allows us to experience life more directly, without mindlessly believing our judgments, assumptions, and other limiting thoughts.

Join the EARLY BIRDS at the Learning Lab on Saturday, February 18th at 8:00 a.m. for an hour of meditation therapy.

Led by Kristy Suire, LPC.  Kristy received a Bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University in Family, Child Consumer Science with a minor in Sociology. She received a Master’s degree from Life Christian University in Christian Counseling.

Controlling the Chaos

 This Learning Lab “Newbie Night” session will teach step-by-step planning and
calendaring methods that will move you from “putting out fires” to planning effective ministry.  All ministries, large and small, have limited resources (time, space, money, volunteers). Effectivsdre planning and calendaring provides the information you need to wisely allocate ministry resources, increase productivity, and create irresistible programs.

About the Presenter:  Lynley Jones is the Director of Children’s Ministries at Asbury UMC in Lafayette, Louisiana and received her certification in Christian Education and Children’s Ministry from Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.  Lynley has also served as Outreach/Evangelism Director and Christian Education Director at First United Methodist Church in Lake Charles, Louisiana.