Math…help or hindrance?

Those omath-clip-artf us who work with children know that it’s not about the numbers.  It’s never been about the numbers.  Reaching one child or 50, we are incredibly blessed to be making disciples.

Sometimes, though, we need to do a little math and look at the numbers.

Doing a little math once or twice a year can tell you whether or not your ministry  is healthy.  Try this:  Take your church’s average worship attendance and multiply by 10%.  The number you get is the fewest number kids you should have to be healthy.   In the same manner, multiply avg. church attendance by 20% and you’ll get the maximum number you can expect to serve.

Of course, these numbers are just a starting point.  If your program falls below the healthy number, don’t get stuck there.  Evaluate and “tweak” your programs to see if you can effectively reach more children.  If you are at the top number….hooray!   Use this “ceiling” as an opportunity to go deeper with the things you’re offering until the church attendance grows.


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